Dr. Wulf Bauer

represents clients in many fields, including automotive engineering, ultrasonic technology and several areas of mechanics, such as machine tool manufacture, as well as in the area of personal computers and digital storage media. In more than 35 years of freelance activity he was able to gather extensive experience with regard to the acquisition and exercise of intellectual property rights. He speaks English and French fluently.

Wulf is married and has three children. He is interested in art and enjoys trips to distant destinations, which in his case are frequently business-related. He has conducted regional training courses for European Patent Office qualification for over 20 years.

Wulf studied physics at RWTH Aachen University of Technology, graduating in 1969.  He was subsequently awarded an assistantship at RWTH Aachen, obtained his doctorate in physics and led a working group. He worked as guest researcher for one year in an institute at the University of Paris. In the course of his studies, he received a number of honours and was awarded a prestigious scholarship.

Wulf has been working in the field of intellectual property rights since 1976, passing his patent assessor examination [Prüfung zum Patentassessor] in 1979. This was followed by qualification with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office and, shortly thereafter, with the European Patent Office.